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5 Chords & The Truth

Jun 18, 2018

We go over our favorite Mother's and Father's Day Songs!


Shout-out to Ashley for this week's Listen To The Damn Song submission: The band Flipsyde.

Jun 11, 2018

Based on a 90s Spin Article, Ron and Adam comprise a list of bands that fall into 3 different categories: 1. They use a ton of humor. 2. They use a mix. 3. They're super serious baby!

This week's Listen to The Damn Song: Wednesday Night Heroes submitted by Todd Rocket.

Jun 4, 2018

Fat Mike and Eric Melvin made some pretty tone-deaf remarks regarding the Vegas shooting while they were on-stage at Punk Rock Bowling. We unpack it. Also: A Band Name Game and a Listen To The Damn Song.