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5 Chords & The Truth

Dec 25, 2017


Happy Holidays Everybody!


As today‚Äôs episode falls on Christmas Day, Adam and Ron talk about their holiday traditions and some of the soundtrack they enjoy associated with it. 


Thank you for discovering this podcast and your continued support! We are very much enjoying developing this show for you and look...

Dec 18, 2017

Adam and Ron talk about bands that got them into bands.

Also, thanks to Dave for this week's Listen the Damn Song submission.


Dec 11, 2017

Ron and Adam highlight several music movements and/or artists and albums that really helped shape their political views.

Of course we have a Listen To The Damn Song and a Band Name Game!

Dec 4, 2017

Ron and Adam take on a heavy topic today involving the bands Svetlanas, Barb Wire Dolls and 57. Svetlanas and 57 were the opening acts for Barb Wire Dolls and both bands left a tour over an incident that happened at a New Hampshire show that involved a Neo-Nazi in the audience. Full Disclaimer: Ron has met...