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5 Chords & The Truth

Nov 20, 2017

Thanksgiving is coming up and you may find yourself having a heated exchange with a family member, so in anticipation Adam and Ron are sharing their heated exchange! During a recording of a different episode that will be released at a later date, Ron and Adam spun off into a heated debate on how to best handle Trump...

Nov 13, 2017

Ron and Adam discuss an interview on the Daily Show where Margo Price discusses the backlash she’s taken for being more outspoken about contemporary matters on her newest album.

Also in this episode: We have a listener submitted Listen to the Damn Song that may be the most challenging music to talk about we’ve...

Nov 6, 2017

In remembering Fats Domino, Ron and Adam talk New Orleans, rock n roll history and more!

Also, we get our first pop music submission for Listen To The Damn Song, is there political subtlety in contemporary pop music?

Last but not least, a Band Name Game

Oct 30, 2017


Ron and Adam explore some of Antifa’s soundtrack in a Guardian article.

Also in this episode, we respond to some listener feed back, have a memorable Band Name Game and another listener submitted Listen To The Damn Song!

Oct 23, 2017

In the wake of the Vegas shooting, Ron and Adam speculate whether or not this will change the overall politics of country music, which tends to lean pretty far to the right.

They discuss the outlaw/lefty country scene that has been around a long time but often gets pushed under the radar. 

This episode also has another...